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I am Dating my the Brother of my Best Friend

Dear Birdy,

I have a secret, I am dating my best friend's brother, but she doesn't know. Somehow I didn't get around to telling her, and now she wants to organise double dates with me with new guys. How do I tell her - I have been going out with Chad for 6 months?


Hey there, Virginia,

Secrets can weigh heavy on our hearts, but it's time to find the right moment to share your truth with your best friend. It's understandable how things may have gotten a bit complicated, but honesty is the key to maintaining a strong friendship.

When you feel comfortable and have some privacy, try sitting down with your friend and having an open and sincere conversation. Let her know that there's something important you'd like to share.

Explain to her that you've been dating her brother, Chad, for the past six months. Reassure her that you value your friendship with her and that dating Chad hasn't changed that. Acknowledge that you should have told her earlier, but you didn't want to hurt or upset her.

It's natural for her to have various feelings about this revelation, but give her time to process the information. Be patient and understanding as she takes it all in.

Friendships are built on trust and communication, and it's better to be honest now rather than let the secret grow bigger.

Who knows, she might even be more understanding than you think. Just remember, a true friend will always appreciate your honesty and the effort you're making to be upfront with her.

Wishing you the best of luck and hoping that your friendship stays strong,


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