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Is He Going Cold on Her

Dear Birdy

I think we are getting on great but he keeps making excuses not to meet up and now he says he thinks it is best if we meet less. We meet five times a week at the moment. We both work all day and are free evenings but he say she has had to stop meeting up with his friends evenings because he is seeing me so much. I am sorry but this hurt me and I felt slighted to hear this. I believe that when you are in a relationship that person you are seeing should mean everything to you and you should not need other people too. I stopped seeing my best friend Jemma when we got together and I think he should stop seeing his friends too. We talked about this a bit but he always wants to change the subject. He is insisting that he must have some time to see his friends too. When he says this we argue because this is unfair on me. How can I get him to be reasonable and give me the time I deserve with him?


Hey there, Sally-Ann

Seems like you and your guy have been hitting it off, but there's a hitch. He's been making excuses to meet up less and even said he wants more space. Ouch, that stings!

You believe that when you're in a relationship, your partner should be your top priority. You stopped seeing your best friend when you got together, so you think he should do the same. But whenever you bring it up, he changes the subject and it leads to arguments.

Here's the thing: every relationship needs a healthy balance. It's important to have time for yourselves and your friends too. Instead of arguing, try having an open talk. Share your feelings and tell him you'd like more time together. Listen to his side too, and find a compromise that works for both of you.

Communication is key, so keep the conversation going. Don't forget that relationships are about give and take. You both deserve quality time together and with friends. Finding that sweet spot will make your relationship stronger.

Wishing you luck and happiness,


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