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Birdy Slade - Roman Expert

Hello - I'm Birdy

Birdy Slade is a versatile author and the visionary founder of Birdy Slade International Publishing, a platform that revolutionizes the way readers engage with literature.


Born in 1991, Birdy's journey is a testament to the power of diverse experiences and the pursuit of knowledge. With roots stretching from the United States to England, her upbringing was enriched by a blend of cultures, thanks to her American father and British mother.

Birdy's early career took an adventurous path, from modeling in her late teens to serving her country with distinction in the army for four years. These experiences, combined with her academic background in psychology, have endowed her with profound insights into the human condition, which she deftly weaves into her writing and advice columns.

Residing in the serene state of Maine with her American professor spouse, whom she met during her university years in England, Birdy balances her professional endeavours with a fulfilling family life as a loving mother to two children and a devoted owner to her dog, Crapper.

Birdy Slade's literary repertoire is as diverse as her background. She is the author of intriguing non-fiction works such as 'How Often Do You Think About the Roman Empire?' and 'The Video Cocktail Guide,' blending historical curiosity with practical creativity. Additionally, Birdy taps into the vibrant world of young adult fiction, captivating readers with her engaging storytelling and relatable characters.

Through Birdy Slade International Publishing, she has innovated the traditional publishing model, offering books online, in print, and via ebook platforms, while also providing unique access to free content on her site. This approach not only demonstrates her commitment to making literature accessible but also highlights her entrepreneurial spirit.

Birdy's role as an advice columnist for young adults further showcases her dedication to supporting and guiding the next generation, drawing on her rich life experiences and psychological insights. Birdy Slade is not just an author; she is a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, one can craft a narrative that resonates with and enriches the lives of others.


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