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Why Don't The British like Tequila?

Mexican and Americans quaff Tequila 20 times more a year than the British, why?

bottle of tequila split in two. One side in full colour with the American flag in the background, the other in black and white showing the Union Jack behind.
Americans Drink Tequila - British Not So Much

The consumption patterns of Tequila in the UK, or its relative lack of popularity compared to other spirits, can be attributed to several factors. While these are general observations, they can vary widely among different demographic groups and over time, especially as global drink trends evolve. Here are a few reasons why Tequila might not be as popular in the UK:

  1. Cultural Preferences and Traditions: Drinking habits are deeply influenced by cultural traditions and preferences. In the UK, spirits like whisky, gin, and vodka have a long-standing tradition and are more deeply ingrained in the drinking culture compared to Tequila, which is a traditional Mexican spirit.

  2. Perception and Awareness: Tequila in the UK has often been associated with shots and partying, leading to a perception of it being less of a premium or sipping spirit compared to others. This perception is changing slowly with the introduction of premium and artisanal Tequilas, but it takes time to alter established perceptions.

  3. Availability and Variety: Historically, the variety of Tequila available in the UK market might have been limited compared to other spirits. While there's a growing availability of high-quality Tequilas, the market has been dominated by a few brands and the diversity seen in countries like Mexico or the United States may not be as pronounced.

  4. Knowledge and Education: The lack of knowledge about the different types of Tequila (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, etc.) and how to appreciate them can also play a role. Education about how to enjoy Tequila properly, its history and its production process can influence its popularity.

  5. Price: Premium Tequilas can be expensive, and without understanding the value or the nuances of the spirit, consumers might be hesitant to pay higher prices, especially when there are more familiar or affordable options available.

  6. Marketing and Promotion: The way Tequila is marketed and promoted also influences its consumption. In recent years, there has been an increase in the promotion of premium Tequila brands in the UK, which may gradually change its consumption patterns.

It's worth noting that trends in alcohol consumption are subject to change, and there's a growing interest in Tequila and other agave-based spirits globally, including in the UK. The craft cocktail movement fuels this interest, the introduction of high-quality Tequila brands, and a growing appreciation for the spirit's versatility and depth. As awareness and education about Tequila increase, it's likely that its consumption in the UK will continue to rise.


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