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Make a Caipiroska Cocktail - Speedy Recipe

Caipiroska has an average of 160 calories and 27% alcohol content. The main type of alcohol is Vodka.

The Caipiroska is a variation of the Caipirinha, substituting vodka for cachaça. This cocktail has gained popularity in regions where vodka is more readily available or preferred. Like the Caipirinha, it includes sugar, lime, and crushed ice, resulting in a refreshing and citrusy beverage. The Caipiroska offers a slightly different flavor profile due to the vodka but retains the same vibrant and invigorating characteristics, making it a favorite for those who enjoy a crisp and tangy cocktail.
Anker Ingredients

Caipiroska Cocktail Ingredients

• 2 oz Vodka
• Half a Lime, cut into wedges
• 2 teaspoons Sugar
• Ice

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Anchor Instructions

Instructions on How to Make a Caipiroska

· Muddle Lime and Sugar: In a glass, muddle the lime wedges with sugar.
Add Vodka and Ice: Fill the glass with ice and add vodka.
Stir and Serve: Stir well to mix and chill.

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Make a Caipiroska Cocktail - Speedy Recipe

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