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Making a Jungle Juice Cocktail

Jungle Juice has an average of 300+ calories and 15-20% alcohol content. The main type of alcohol is Varies (Often Vodka or Rum).

Jungle Juice is not a specific cocktail, but rather a term used to describe a large batch of mixed drinks, often made in a punch bowl or a cooler. It typically includes a variety of fruit juices, sodas, and a mix of different spirits, often rum or vodka. Jungle Juice is popular at parties and gatherings for its ease of preparation and the ability to serve a large number of people. The exact ingredients can vary widely, but it is always intended to be a fun and potent beverage.
Anker Ingredients

Jungle Juice Cocktail. Simple Ingredient List.

• 1 bottle Vodka
• 1 bottle Rum
• 1 bottle Tequila
• 1 bottle Gin
• 1 bottle Peach Schnapps
• 5 cups Fruit punch
• 4 cups Pineapple juice
• 4 cups Orange juice
• 3 cups Lemon-lime soda
• Assorted fruits (like oranges, lemons, limes, and berries)

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Anchor Instructions

How to Make a Jungle Juice

• Prepare Fruits: Chop or slice the assorted fruits and place them in a large container.
• Mix Liquors and Juices: Pour in all the liquors, fruit punch, pineapple juice, and orange juice.
• Chill and Serve: Let the mixture chill for several hours. Add lemon-lime soda just before serving.

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Making a Jungle Juice Cocktail

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