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Salty Dog Cocktail and How to Make

Salty Dog has an average of 140 calories and 10% alcohol content. The main type of alcohol is Vodka or Gin.

The Salty Dog is a refreshing cocktail that is made with gin or vodka and grapefruit juice, served in a salt-rimmed glass. The cocktail is believed to have been created in the mid-20th century as a variation of the Greyhound. The Salty Dog is known for its tart and tangy flavor, with the salt rim adding an extra layer of complexity to the drink. It is often garnished with a slice of grapefruit or a twist of the peel. The Salty Dog is a popular choice for those who enjoy a refreshing and savory cocktail.
Anker Ingredients

Salty Dog Cocktail. Simple Ingredient List.

• 1 1/2 oz Vodka or Gin
• 4 oz Grapefruit Juice
• Salt (for rimming)
• Ice
• Grapefruit slice (for garnish)

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Anchor Instructions

How to Make a Salty Dog

• Prepare Glass: Rim the edge of a highball glass with salt.
• Mix Ingredients: In the glass filled with ice, mix vodka or gin and grapefruit juice.
• Stir and Serve: Stir well and garnish with a grapefruit slice.

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Salty Dog Cocktail and How to Make

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