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Birdy's Roman Pictures

My last trip to Rome, earlier in 2023, was typically very satisfying.  We travelled in February but the weather was stunning. Having been to Rome in July previously, I can seriously recommend going out of season. If it's too hot you can't be bothered, people get tetchy and it is packed.  Here are just some of the pictures I took whilst there.  There are some of the Vatican, too, because the #romanempire turned itself into the #holyromanempire . Did Rome ever really fall?

Pantheon in Rome at Night in February 2023
Wide angle view of the Pantheon's Dome in Rome taken in February 2023
The Pantheon inside, looking up showing the sunlght flooding through the aperture
2000 Facts, Figures and Stories about The Roman Empire

The Pantheon, Rome

The Pantheon, Rome, is by far the best and most authentic example of Roman Architecture in existence today. If you have the time, and the money, visit if you can.

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Pictures of the Collesium

The Colosseum

St Peter's Basilica

There are so many great pictures of The Vatican and St Peter's taken by professional and amateurs, I thought I'd just display a few which are a little different.  However, there was no way I could miss out the Madonna della Pietà  by Michelangelo.

The Forum, Rome

Personally, I found the Forum to be a disappointment. Why? It just made me sad to think of the wonderful buildings which were destroyed over the years by vandals and by people using the stone in other buildings.  It takes a lot of imagination to appreciate the sheer scale of buildings erected while much of Europe's population, as we know it today, were living in mud huts.

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