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Birdy Slade
Cocktail, Roman and Fiction Books

to Birdy Slade International

Birdy Slade International is an organisation designed to author, promote and publish fiction and non-fiction books.

We make our content available online, for download to ebook readers, and in print.

Uniquely, Birdy Slade International also publishes its content for free online on this site.

The Video Cocktail Guide

New content includes our interactive cocktail guide. The Video Cocktail Guide is groundbreaking; it is the first cocktail recipe book with QR codes on each recipe, which instantly displays a 'How to Make A Cocktail' video hosted on this site. 


There are 100 'How to' recipes with videos. One commentator said, "Finally, a cocktail book that comes to the digital age." 

How Often Do You Think About The Roman Empire Book Cover

How Often Do You Think About The Roman Empire?

The viral sensation on TikTok discovered men think about the Roman Empire often - sometimes twice a week. Conversely, many women don't think about it at all.  


Birdy Slade International bought 'How Often Do You Think About The Roman Empire' to the ebook market online, in print and for free on this site.

The best selling book contains over 2000 fascinating and informative facts about the Roman Empire. There are 21 Chapters, including; '31 Great Romans With Bad Endings', 'The Lives and Deaths of the Gladiators', 'Great Roman Construction Projects.' and many more.

Sitting by Campfire
Dead Kids Do Not Leave Camp Thriller for Young Adults Based on a Summer Camp

We also publish books for young adults. 

In 'Dead Kid's Don't Leave Camp.'  is part romance, part mystery and spy thriller.

"Jack Foxworth, 19 and from the UK, joins as swimming counsellor on a summer camp in Maine, USA. The first six weeks were made even better by his new American girlfriend, part of the camp kitchen crew. Week seven started off very bad for Jack when he found one of the campers in his charge floating dead in the lake..."

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